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Nurse's Introduction Textbook: Non-Member Rate

Nurse's Introduction Textbook: Non-Member Rate

$ 60.00

PLEASE NOTE: The Nurse’s Introduction Textbook is included in the Home Study Course. If you are buying the Home Study Course, you DO NOT need to purchase this book separately. This book by itself is NOT worth any CEs.

The American Association of Managed Care Nurses is pleased to present A Nurse’s Introduction to Managed Care, 4th Edition. This textbook was revised June through December of 2016 to provide nurses with a better understanding of managed care. As managed care has changed, this textbook has also been updated, this being the fourth edition. The authors of this text are nurses and nurse executives who are experienced in managed care.

Over the last few years, the healthcare industry has changed from a simple fee for service to an arena with several reimbursement schemes; new and ever-changing rules; and a geometrically expanding list of new technologies and clinical trials. Throughout 2016, a team of dedicated professionals have volunteered their time and talent in a collaborative effort to update the guidance, information and references in this textbook.  The team has attempted to cover as many of these changes as possible.

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